Try The Texas Method Workout

What Is The Texas Method Workout?

What is the Texas method workout?  Originally founded in Wichita Falls, Texas, the workout regime was created by USA weight lifting coach Gleen Pendlay to primary train Olympic weight lifters and stronger athletes.  The aim of the Texas method workout is to have athletes do a 5×5 exercise three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  On Mondays athletes would lift as if it was a volume day, meaning lift weights at 90%.  Secondly, on Wednesdays, the atheltetes would go easy on lifting weights because Fridays are intensity day.  On Fridays, weight lifters would try to get a new PR (personal record) set.  In addition, you need to always listen to your body when you’re doing the rest time as it knows best what it’s very good for you. You are able to build muscle and burn fat at the exact moment. You also get a really good workout.

Furthermore, you need to find out how much weight that you can handle for 5 reps with good form. Don’t attempt to make substantial weight jumps even if it’s possible to make them. If you just continue pounding heavier weights, you will not ever get that isolation muscle to get stronger. Get started and you’ll be throwing around much larger weights in almost no time. Basically you want to be dealing with higher weights on your final day when compared with your very first moment.


How To Succeed With The Texas Method Workout?

In order for you to fully grasp the effects of the workout, you must consistently go to the gym.  The program is straightforward, execution is the troublesome thing.Starting strength is merely another routine, it isn’t the Holy Grail of strength training as so many Starting Strengthadvocates would have you believe, and it isn’t the only approach to secure stronger if you are simply an easy gym goer who only wishes to appear good naked! You are not only going to be in a position to get more strength. However, it will allow you to build a weekly workout habit. The point is, the Texas method workout is among the strategies to receive powerful and gain muscle. however, it isn’t the only way.

If you are not progressing and stalled, try cutting back the weights on Mondays.  Don’t be discourage because cutting back number of sets can also help your motivation and progression on Fridays. Why is it important to build muscle? More strength and muscle will enhance your resistance to disease like osteoporosis and type two diabetes. It will improve your appearance and speed up your metabolism. Thus, adding supplements for muscle gain is vital in helping your body recover and build strength. Look at sites like https://musclegainer.org/supplement-reviews/best-pills-for-muscle-gain/for more reviews.  Just do your research and consult with a doctor before taking up anything.

Simple Outline Of The Texas Method Workout

  • Monday – Volume Day
    • Bench Press 5×5 @ 90%
    • Squat – 5×5 @ 90%
    • Dead lift – 1×5 @ 90%
  • Wednesday – Easy Light Day
    • Bench Press 1×5 @ 45%
    • Squat – 1×5 @ 45%
    • Dead lift – 1×5 @ 45%
    • Back Extensions – 5×10
  • Friday – PR Day (intensity day)
    • Warm Up First!
    • Bench Press – 5×3 @90%
    • Dead lift – 5×3 @90%
    • Squats – 5×3 @90%

The key to this workout is to add more weights on Friday vs Monday.  When doing Friday’s PR day, you must not break form.  If you broke form, you added too much weight.  If you add 5 lbs, 3-times every week, you’re going to be squatting 225 lbs in 3 months. Generally, you ought to be progressing about 5-10 pound each week. You have to adjust loads depending on the surface you’re pushing on. Following that, you will move to some other weight training model.

Each day is regarded as a complete body workout which will concentrate on your squatting and upper body exercises. Any second day you’ve got for a bodypart should be taken away too. Keep in mind that it’s broken up into three days, and that means you would be wise to split them between Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each day is thought to be a full workout and you have to present your one hundred percent to that session. You must always use the previous workout day in a try to step as much as a personal record.

Tips And Consideration

Always warm up so you don’t hurt yourself! First off, you will need to set aside three workout days each week. 2-3 days each week on every lift is normally necessary for progress. The majority of the moment, if you need to acquire stronger or bigger, you must change something. It is possible to go numerous times every week, not repeat the exact same exercises. Since you may see, you will be hitting the huge lifts several times each week. Come a few occasions and you’ll feel comfortable. The additional time between training sessions also leaves ample recovery time in the event the lifter would like to add in a comparatively significant volume of assistance work at every session. The assistance work isn’t necessary but you are able to do whatever you would like like arm work or abs work.

Is The Texas Method Workout For You?

The Texas method workout method may or may not be for you.  Everyone’s body is different and people’s healthy motivations are different.  But make no mistake, if you want to gain muscle mass like Olympians, you got to try the Texas method workout.  For instance, marathon runners will not be using this method to gain muscle, whereas NFL players may be using the workout.  The relatively effortless scheduling of the Russian Squat program permits an athlete to combine it using an overall conditioning program, and the simple fact that it’s only 3 days of work a week usually means that it’s simple to plan around. The athletes eased up on the workout before Friday so that they’d decide on a personal record on such day. Training anaerobic-endurance and maximal strength, as an example, would be a great approach to stimulate hypertrophy and improve muscular strength. Here is a great video of someone’s Texas method workout progression in 10 weeks.

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